Blackjack rules are the first thing every newcomer learns when decides to become a professional of blackjack card game, and it is right actually: together with the game's objective, basic blackjack rules help you to understand the game perfectly and determine your chances for winning at once.

The rules of the game include bets, card dealing, options of a gambler and rules for a dealer; they are not difficult to remember and follow: the main thing is to use them properly to increase your chances for winning.

First step: bets and card dealing

Blackjack game is played at a special table in a casino; usually it is played with 6-8 decks of 52 cards and 8 players maximum can take part in one game. A dealer (a casino employee) leads the game: s/he deals cards and controls bets; the things to remember here are the following:

  1. Bets are always made before the cards are dealt. Remember, that you do not have any right to touch chips or change your bet after the cards have been dealt already.
  2. Two cards are dealt both to a player and a dealer: a player's cards are faced up, a dealer's one card is faced up and another one - faced down. After that a player decides what to do next; as for a dealer, special rules exist concerning his/her behavior during the game.

Second step: options you are welcome to choose

When you see your two initial cards and the open card of a dealer, you can change the situation somehow in order to improve your chances for winning; and you are welcome to do the following steps:


Means asking for one more card to improve the final result of your hand


Means asking for no more cards when you think your final result is good enough for winning


When you have 2 cards of the same value (two 8's, two 9's etc) you may split them and play with two separate hands. But your bets for both hands should be equal.


Means asking for ONLY ONE MORE card and doubling your bet; remember that after doubling you have a right to take only one card and it will be your final result.


It is an additional bet you can make when you are sure a dealer will have Blackjack; if this bet wins you receive your insurance bet doubled; if not - you lose your insurance bet and continue playing with your initial bet.


When you see that your result is not good for winning and you can do nothing to improve it, you just give it up and lose your bet.

Third step: options of a dealer

Blackjack rules for a dealer are usually determined by a casino itself; a dealer also has a right to hit or stand: usually, s/he SHOULD hit when s/he has 16 or less points and s/he SHOULD stand when he has 17. So, if you know card counting for example you can easily operate with this rule for improving your chances for winning blackjack card game.

Fourth step: Blackjack and payouts

The main thing to remember here is the fact that all winning hands are paid as 1:1; the only exception is Blackjack actually:

Blackjack is the hand of 2 initial cards which brings 21 points to a player at the very beginning of the game. Usually, this is a combination of an Ace and any card which gives 10 points. The payout of Blackjack is 3:2.


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