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Bingo sites have grown both in number and popularity over the last decade. This has necessitated a need to introduce stringent regulations to ensure all the stakeholders enjoy the benefit of the game. The rules are not uniform and differ across jurisdictions. Click to read more about the regulations.

Regulation in the U.K

The Gambling Commission regulates bingo websites in the U.K. The new rule stated that all sites must be registered and licensed to operate in the Country. The laws also specify that the exact odds and the prize to be won must be shown.

Regarding promotions, the commission urges that the platforms need to have a terms and conditions page. This helps make them transparent as well also improve the betting experience for the player. In all its endeavors, the regulator seeks to promote responsible gambling.

 Laws in Spain

Spain introduced bingo gaming as a way of reducing money laundering. The gambling law new law stated that the operators must confirm the identity of all registered customers before authorizing them to participate. Additionally, the Spanish bingo lovers should provide a legal form of identification before withdrawing winnings.

Laws In Germany

German gambling regulations are still underdeveloped, and the betting sector is still in its infancy. In 2012, German passed a law stating that only twenty operators would be allowed to offer online betting services. The bill was however set aside by the European Union. Currently, players in Germany can freely play online bingo games. Moreover, Germans are also allowed to take up gambling in foreign-registered companies and claim winnings.

Regulation in France

The government in France introduced a new provision in 2010 after sustained pressure from the European Union, which challenged the old legal regime in place. This new law provided new tax limits for players as well as placing a caveat on the players' nationalities. French players could only gamble with their counterparts. They also had to be registered by the regulator to be allowed to operate.

Bingo sites regulations have grown apace with the gambling industry. This is a significant sign that the government have taken note of the sector and taken action to both attract investment and protect the users from exploitation.


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