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Welcome to our small but cozy library where you will find the best blackjack books which were accepted both by experts and average readers as being the most entertaining and useful ones to read. You will find here the short reviews of these blackjack books which describe all the aspects a reader can find inside.

Blackjack experts are always ready to share their knowledge with everyone who is interested in blackjack game; moreover, books are considered to be the part of fun blackjack as they make this game being more exciting for beginners to learn.

Beat the Dealer (Edward Thorp)

Edward Thorp is a person who introduced card counting to average blackjack players and made it in a way understandable for everyone; his book Beat the Dealer was published in 1962 and revealed the fact blackjack was possible to beat.

What is inside?

  • Blackjack basic strategy
  • Blackjack rules
  • The simple point-count system
  • The complete point count system
  • Strategy for counting tens
  • Blackjack charts
  • Blackjack cheating

Bringing Down the House (Ben Mezrich)

Ben Mezrich is the former member of MIT blackjack team which beat casinos out of millions in 1990s using card counting system. The author does not speak about any strategies or blackjack rules there; he tells the story of 6 MIT students who went to Las Vegas to win money and used the team play for this goal.

What is inside?

  • How and when the team was gathered
  • What system they used for playing
  • What role each member of the team had
  • How they signaled each other
  • How they were able to bring much money to Vegas with them
  • How casinos security tried to catch them

Million Dollar Blackjack (Ken Uston)

Ken Uston is a great authority of blackjack world who won millions in 1980s and developed a few winning blackjack strategies; he is the author of bestselling blackjack books too, and Million Dollar Blackjack is one of them.

What is inside?

  • Blackjack basics
  • Counting systems
  • Uston's personal systems developed by him
  • Stories about fighting with casinos

Blackbelt in Blackjack: Playing 21 as a Martial Art (Arnold Snyder)

This blackjack book written by the professional mathematician and gambler Arnold Snyder is recommended for skilled players because he describes counting systems which would be understandable for those gamblers who perfectly know the basics of blackjack already.

What is inside?

  • Blackjack rules
  • Basic strategy
  • All counting systems
  • Table conditions
  • Professional betting strategies
  • Team Play
  • Shuffle Tracking

Basic Blackjack (Stanford Wong)

Stanford Wong is the experienced blackjack player and author who wrote books about all aspects of this game and his own blackjack strategies he developed. Basic Blackjack is the perfect book for newcomers because they will found everything they need to know about blackjack inside.

What is inside?

  • Blackjack basic strategy
  • Rules variations
  • Payouts
  • Blackjack bets
  • Options to do during the game
  • Blackjack glossary

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