Such strategy charts had been developed for blackjack players in order to give them the better understanding of basic strategy and more chances to beat blackjack as a result. These charts describe your every step during the game depending on cards both you and a dealer have at the moment, and they exist both for Single-Deck and Multiple-Deck blackjack.

It is very easy to read blackjack strategy charts if you know all abbreviations and have a good memory: the matter is casinos prohibit the usage of such charts (of course!), so, everything a player can do is to learn them by heart or use them when playing online blackjack the canadian live casino with real-life dealers.

Learn how to read a chart

Look at the table given below: this is a basic blackjack strategy chart; the main point here is to remember that such charts can be different for different blackjack games, so, be careful when choose the appropriate one for yourself to use.

As you can see, the standard blackjack chart consists of 2 columns where the vertical one shows the cards you have as a player, and the horizontal one shows the open card of a dealer: everything you should do is to put these two lines together, and the place where these two lines meet will show you the option to choose.

To read the chart, you should know all the abbreviations given there: each of them names the option to choose:

  • H - means HIT
  • S - means STAND
  • P - means SPLIT
  • DD - means DOUBLE DOWN
  • H/P - means SPLIT if doubling down if allowed; if not - HIT
  • H/R - means SURRENDER if allowed; otherwise - HIT

Sometimes you can also find the following abbreviations in blackjack strategy charts:

  • Ds - means DOUBLE if allowed; if not - STAND
  • P/R - means SURRENDER if allowed; if not - SPLIT
  • S/R - means DURRENDER if allowed; if not - STAND

Such charts can be your good helpers if you prefer online casinos for gambling blackjack, but anyway the best strategy here is to practice much.


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