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If you choose blackjack being your favorite casino game to play be ready to get acquainted with its big family which consists of many blackjack variations, interesting and even exciting for players to gamble.

All blackjack games are easy to meet both in land-based and online casinos; the main thing is to know all rules and strategies differences between these variations to be sure you do everything in a right way. No matter which blackjack variant will be your favorite one - if you are a real pro of it and if you really like it you will definitely beat it!

Vegas Strip

You will not have to learn anything completely new if you decided to try Vegas Strip Blackjack: the objective and the strategies of the game are practically the same with conventional blackjack though the rules differ a bit of course:

  • You play Vegas Strip with 4 decks of cards only
  • You should learn special rules as for splitting and doubling down
  • Remember that you can play this game only in Vegas or online

Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs Blackjack has the only difference with the traditional blackjack variation: you are welcome to make one additional bet in the beginning of the game on the fact your first two initial cards will be a pair. If this bet wins you get some extra money; if not - you lose this bet and continue playing blackjack with your original bet. Remember also:

  • Perfect Pairs can be of different types: mixed, colored, perfect
  • Different payouts for different types of perfect pairs
  • Ability to split your pair and continue gambling with two hands of cards


Blackjack Switch is the perfect blackjack game for those players who like switching as an option: this game lets you switch the second dealt cards of your two hands in order to improve the final result of the game. It sounds to be easy but the strategy for this blackjack variation is not very easy indeed.

  • A gambler plays with 2 hands of cards
  • A dealer has some additional options: for example, his/her 22 points will beat all combinations of 21 except Blackjack itself
  • Both dealers' and players' Blackjacks are equal


Pontoon is the British variant of blackjack game which is very popular in European countries; you are welcome to play this game in many online casinos too. What is so specific concerning this blackjack variation?

  • Unique terms (British English)
  • Some Pontoon variations existence
  • Particular card combinations which can win

Super Fun 21

The rules of Super Fun 21 are very easy and remind a classic blackjack game; some extra points give more chances to a player to win and make this game being interesting and fun to play.

  • Your Blackjack wins if both you and a dealer have it
  • Your 20 or 21 points out of 6 cards beat a dealer's Blackjack
  • Your 5 cards of 21 points are paid as 2:1

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  • Online Blackjack

    Blackjack gained worldwide popularity and played in land casinos as well as online.

Being a highly popular casino game, no weird there exist lots of funny jokes about blackjack.

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