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According to black jack history, this card game came to America in 1789 after the French Revolution: French immigrants brought blackjack with them, and it soon became very popular among all gamblers because of high bonuses casinos offered and possibility to be beaten.

Blackjack was called being Twenty One then, and all professional players gambled it not only for entertainment but also for really big money: the government did not regulate blackjack gambling, so, it soon became the source of corruption and crime; as a result, its popularity continued to grow.

In the 19th century the government prohibited blackjack and it became illegal; that is why when in 1931 Nevada legalized gambling Las Vegas had become a such-called Mecca for all casino players who came there to gamble blackjack where it became one of the most popular casino games.

The 20th century can be deservedly called a birthday of modern blackjack game because it was the time when talented mathematicians and gamblers created and developed basic blackjack strategy, card counting and many other important aspects of blackjack which modern gamblers used for winning today. The culture of blackjack continues its development now in new blackjack games,blackjack strategy chart, books, movies etc.

Americans who developed blackjack card game

Roger Baldwin


In 1957 the first accurate blackjack book on card counting was published; it was called to be Playing Blackjack to Win and its author was Roger Baldwin together with 3 more people. This person was the first one who made an attempt to win blackjack using a strategy, though his book was a little bit difficult to understand for average players.

Edward Thorp


Edward Thorp is believed to be the father of card counting because it was he who explained all its principles and methods of work for average gamblers. His book Beat the Dealer was published in 1962 and had changed the history of blackjack forever.

Ken Uston


One of the first blackjack gamblers who began using team play and described the strategy of Big Player in his book; moreover, Ken Uston was one of the most successful gamblers who beat millions of dollars out of casinos. He is also known as a person who won the case against of Atlantic City casinos for the right of gamblers to use card counting in gambling houses.

MIT Blackjack Team


The group of 6 former MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) students who beat Las Vegas casinos out of millions in 1990s by using card counting (Hi-Lo system in particular). Each member of the team played his/her own role at blackjack tables, and it was perfectly described by the former MIT team member Ben Mezrich in his book Bringing Down the House and in 21 movie.


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  • Online Blackjack

    Blackjack gained worldwide popularity and played in land casinos as well as online.

Being a highly popular casino game, no weird there exist lots of funny jokes about blackjack.

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