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Blackjack game can be met not only in land-based or online casinos; being a very popular and loved casino game, blackjack feels itself quite comfortable in culture too: many educational and entertaining movies devoted to blackjack were created for us to have fun watching them.

Here you can find the reviews of the most popular entertaining films about blackjack: some of them are comedies, some of them are dramas, but all of them are really worth your attention if you are a real blackjack admirer.


This movie was based on the book Bringing Down the House of Ben Mezrich where he told the story of 6 MIT students who beat casinos out of really big money in 1990s: the math professor Mickey Rosa (Kevin Spacey) teaches students how to count cards and win millions with the help of this strategy. They go to Las Vegas every week to practice their skills, and everything goes good till the moment young people lose control and understanding of their real goal of playing blackjack.


Clive Owen plays the main role in this movie of 1998: he plays an unsuccessful writer who decides to become a casino croupier in order to make ends meet. His books do not find its readers but money is needed: this young man studies everything a croupier must know for the perfect job and gets this job in one casino. The movie shows the world of casinos from inside and reveals many interesting facts concerning the job of a croupier.

The Last Casino

This Canadian film of 2004 is considered to be the predecessor of 21 because the plots of these two movies are practically the same: The Last Casino also tells the story of MIT Blackjack Team who beat casinos in 1990s and were finally caught by casino security systems of Las Vegas gambling houses. The character of Mickey Rosa is also present here: he finds talented students and teaches card counting strategy to them in order to win much money for paying his debts out.

The Hangover

The Hangover is a really funny American comedy which tells the story of four good friends who come to Las Vegas in order to have a bachelor party; one of them has a book of Edward Thorp Beat the Dealer with him and decides to check his luck playing blackjack. The problem is the friends drink much and wake up next morning with a great headache and absence of a groom: now 3 friends have only one day to find him and refresh their minds concerning everything that happened last evening.

Rain Man

Rain Man is not a blackjack movie actually but it contains the best blackjack scene ever: Charlie (Tom Cruise) brings his autistic brother Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) to a casino in Las Vegas because he is perfect with counting cards. Certainly, Raymond does it not in accordance with all blackjack rules and strategies but he has the perfect memory and he knows which cards are still in a shoe and which of them have been already dealt.


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