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If you wish to crack the blackjack game, you will certainly need to know a thing or two about the rules. Actually, we would instead recommend that you find out more about the game as a whole! So, what's there to know about blackjack rules, really? As it turns out, you ought to master a few basic concepts.

1. Hit, Stand, Surrender, Double Down

The main aspects of any game of blackjack are the main actions you can carry out. Basically, you can request cards, stand if you are happy with your cards, surrender, if you think you would lose, and double down if you are very confident. These basic options in a blackjack game determine the outcome of any game, and they are always good to remember.

2. What about the Actual Rule?

The game's basic rule is to collect 21 points without "busting," that is exceeding the point limit. However, there is an added twist. You will be playing against the dealer, who will also be trying to get 21. The most substantial hand that hasn't busted is going to win.

3. Know Your Card Denomination

Next, you will want to be familiar with the ways cards are ranked. Card ranking in blackjack is straightforward, and you won't have any trouble. The pip value of the cards is usually what they stand for. A 9 is nine points, and a 10 is ten points, a 3 is three points and so on. For the rest of the cards from J to K, they are all worth 10 points.

It's the Ace where it gets interesting. An Ace can be worth both 11 and 1 points, which is why it's considered a "soft" card.


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    Blackjack gained worldwide popularity and played in land casinos as well as online.

Being a highly popular casino game, no weird there exist lots of funny jokes about blackjack.

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