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If you are just a newcomer to blackjack games and you want to practice them before going to a land-based casino and checking your knowledge in practice it would be better to practice somewhere in order to improve your skills and feel yourself confident at blackjack table.

Various blackjack software has been created for this goal: different programs for your computer (download and non-download ones) were developed to improve your blackjack skills and make it easier for you to play it in practice afterwards. You will not win anything when use blackjack software but free blackjack is the perfect chance for practice, is not it?

You are welcome to read the short reviews of some blackjack software and make your own choice depending on what you exactly need at the moment.

Professional Blackjack Analyzer

This Windows blackjack software was developed by the world-famous blackjack author and expert Stanford Wong for practicing and analyzing the game of blackjack: you are welcome to choose different options and betting schemes and Professional Blackjack Analyzer will calculate the best strategy to use for you. This soft is of high speed of calculations and it is very easy to operate.


Smart Cards is one of the best card counting trainings, and probably it will not be easy to operate for beginners: it is a professional soft which helps you to build and develop needed skills for beating blackjack. The following software provides a lot of various exercises for all counting systems; many features are present here which can not be found in any other programs.

Blackjack StatWiz Software

This software's aim is to give you a good blackjack practice and tell you about all blackjack odds you'll get of every option you make when gamble. It can be also called a kind of strategy charts because it shows your every step during the game and can be used when you play blackjack in online casinos.

Blackjack Gold

The following blackjack software is developed for Windows and Mac OSX and it includes all options you may need when decide to play this game online or in land-based casinos, so, it can be called being a very good blackjack simulator. Even a dealer's voice can be heard here, and many blackjack variations can be tried here; you are welcome to create your own players, choose your own bankroll and a seat at the table (7 players maximum are available to play here). The interesting moment is that faces of different countries' leaders are shown on face cards here!

Super Blackjack

This blackjack software shows you a classic blackjack card game: here you are welcome to practice the game playing it with a virtual dealer and learn how to use basic blackjack strategy. This blackjack soft will also explain you the principles of card counting and give a chance to play some extra games.


The following blackjack software gives you a chance to feel yourself being a blackjack dealer because here you play with other gamblers and get a house edge. Is not it interesting to try yourself in a new role? So, be ready to become a dealer this time.


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    Blackjack gained worldwide popularity and played in land casinos as well as online.

Being a highly popular casino game, no weird there exist lots of funny jokes about blackjack.

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