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Did you hear about such a phenomenon as Elimination Blackjack? This is a definition for blackjack tournaments which can be found in land-based casinos and online though the rules and prizes are different here; it is clear that blackjack tournaments have their own rules to follow: usually, they take place every year and their specifics are the following:

How to play blackjack tournaments?

  1. You should pay the entrance fee if you want to take part in a tournament.
  2. Be ready to find a definite sum of money for participating in a tournament: the minimum bet here is $500 and every player should have $25 000 in chips.
  3. You should be ready to take decisions very quickly because you have only 15 seconds for that; as for Elimination hands, you have 30 seconds here.
  4. The tournament consists of 30 hands; every 8th, 16th and 25th hand is an Elimination Hand and one player will leave the tournament on them (the player who has the smallest amount of chips).
  5. Every participant has one Secret Bet and s/he can use it any time (other players will not know what bet you make).
  6. The winner will be a person who has the most chips after the 30th hand will be finished.

What about online blackjack tournaments?

Various blackjack games can be played as tournaments but online tournaments differ a bit from land-based ones; first of all, free blackjack tournaments are not played for real money, and prizes here are different; secondly, you should not pay any entrance fee in order to take part in such a tournament and check your luck and skills.

Two most popular free online blackjack tournaments are:

  • Play UBT: it is the official website of Ultimate Blackjack Tour, and gamblers receive special Tournament Entry Chips for every winning here. These chips allow them to enter the final table of the best participants, and the winner will have a chance to visit the next UBT on TV.
  • Bet 21: except of blackjack tournaments, this website offers you other games for real money and free poker tournaments too. The prize is the same: if your name appears in a final table of this tournament, you will have a chance to visit the Ultimate Blackjack Tour on TV.

Online blackjack tournaments allow you practicing much and really improve your blackjack skills; free blackjack can also be very useful even if it does not give you an opportunity to get real money.


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  • Online Blackjack

    Blackjack gained worldwide popularity and played in land casinos as well as online.

Being a highly popular casino game, no weird there exist lots of funny jokes about blackjack.

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