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blackjack fun playersThe gambling game can not be interesting if its aspects include only rules, systems, strategies and other theoretical things which should be learnt and remembered. Speaking about blackjack card game, it is the entertaining game without any doubts because it includes such a phenomenon as fun blackjack too: blackjack books invite us to the world of this world-famous game, blackjack movies reveal the most unexpected sides of the game and blackjack jokes force us laughing, and we understand that blackjack has a lot to surprise its admirers with.

Certainly, it is important to know all blackjack aspects which can help you to beat this game; but if you are a real blackjack admirer it will be interesting for you to reveal both its sides, will not it?

Blackjack Books:

The first part of fun blackjack is the books devoted to this game; certainly, the most of them were written with the aim to give you the perfect guide concerning blackjack rules and strategies, but you are also welcome to enjoy reading the blackjack books which are written in a funny way and considered to be fiction, not educational ones.

Read the reviews of the most popular and bestselling blackjack books written by real blackjack professionals here: they will reveal the hidden aspects of blackjack for you for sure!

Blackjack Movies:

The existence of so many gambling films devoted to blackjack card game proves the fact of its enormous popularity! So, the second part of fun blackjack is the movies about blackjack, its strategies and its famous gamblers. Cinematography could not stay indifferent to this casino game and gave a life to such films as "21", "The Last Casino", "Croupier" and others.

You are welcome to read the descriptions of the most popular blackjack movies and choose the best one for yourself to watch!

Blackjack Jokes:

And, finally, the third part of fun blackjack is believed to be blackjack jokes: it can be the interesting quotes of popular gamblers who know blackjack perfectly; this aspect also includes anecdotes and funny dialogues concerning interesting moments which happen at blackjack tables. We bet you have a lot of such jokes by yourself but do not be lazy to read exciting stories happened to other gamblers too.

We invite you to read the selection of the popular blackjack jokes and have a good mood by discovering them!


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    Blackjack gained worldwide popularity and played in land casinos as well as online.

Being a highly popular casino game, no weird there exist lots of funny jokes about blackjack.

Blackjack Jokes