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Blackjack History

Blackjack history is considered to be one of the most controversial due to the fact that two European countries aspire the right to be called the motherland of the most popular casino game around the globe.

This article provides readers with true and interesting information about origins of the Blackjack game as well as its development throughout the history (up to the online blackjack variation). Learn about famous card games that marked the beginning of the blackjack games online (performed both in real and online casinos).

Everything you wanted to know about Blackjack history can be found here!

Internet Blackjack

Blackjack is thought to be one of the most famous and popular games of skill. It is played in the casinos all over the world.

So no weird it became the most played casino game online. This article provides useful and important information that every online player should know in order to gamble successfully and profitably in the online casinos.

Find out helpful tips and strategies for playing Blackjack in the online mode. Learn main principles to play safely and securely. Discover what online blackjack tournaments are available online!

Fun Blackjack

Blackjack game is highly popular worldwide as it includes not only complicated systems, strategies and rules. Blackjack can be fun too.

Don't believe it? Well, this article is definitely for you! Discover other side of Blackjack, the fun one. It includes various interesting blackjack books, amazing movies of blackjack and also hilarious jokes about blackjack!

After reading this information, you will become a devoted fan of this game or open a new unexpected side of blackjack game and will love this game even more.

Roger Baldwin

Roger Baldwin

The fame came to this brilliant man when he started studying blackjack game from the mathematical side.

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Edward Thorp

Edward Thorp

The father of Card Counting, his way to success and the famous book "Beat the Dealer" are described here.

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Ken Uston

Ken Uston

Famous card counter, also known as The Big Player, introduced the team play strategy to win in Blackjack.

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MIT team

MIT Team

The group of students that managed to beat many Las Vegas casinos using the card counting strategy.

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Welcome at History of Blackjack!

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Though blackjack is not that game that can bring you lots of money in a second, in a long run it can be very profitable. That is why it is extremely important to understand this game to be able to play roulette77 for hours, and not to place a couple of bets and lose everything you have. We know how to help you with learning blackjack and we believe that our help will be bless for you.

No matter how many times you played online blackjack before – zero or hundred, we recommend you to start with blackjack history. You will be able to understand some game tricks and you’ll see how the game rules have changed during centuries. Have you even though why blackjack has this name? We will reveal this secret to you!

Some other secrets of playing blackjack you can find at click to visit This site will be useful for the online casino players and for those who just get prepared to play online, but do not know how to start. With the tips and recommendations that you are going to find here, you will be able to start the game with the best results, feeling comfortable at any online casino. At this website with best online casino australia you will find some useful information for choosing the casino to play, including advices about the important casino details to which you need to pay attention and even some of the top rated casinos where you can play now!

For those, who look for inspiration, we created pages, dedicated to the most famous casino gamblers. We included also famous players of other games, some of them started to play online poker at 888poker UK, and from there they jumped to the greatest tournaments around the world. Of course, all of them have been playing blackjack. They have chosen this game, because it gives a lot of opportunities – starting from possibility to win huge sums of money and up to the comprehending game in sufficient level to become a guideline author. Some of blackjack players are world-wide famous – for example MIT team. Read about all prominent blackjack players and believe that with our help you may become of them!

But you will never be able to become a good blackjack player without a gambling house! Today there are so many of them that the choice can be rather difficult even for the experienced player. Probably the best choice for every online player will be betway. But of course, you can always browse the web searching for some other site which can provide you not only with information about online gambling, but also with games and software for playing for free. Some people admit that it is too much to desire, but we know for sure that these places do exist!

Probably the most important question that rises for each casino player, no matter what game he prefers to play, is choice of the place to play. Today you can gamble at traditional land based casinos, Online casinos and mobile casinos. If you do not want to leave your home and prefer to play in comfort and silence, you should play not at traditional casino, but in online one. We can recommend this way to play games for everyone who is aimed at good gambling. At any online casino you will find a lot of different games – usually the choice of them is even bigger, than in traditional casinos. Also you will be able to get bonuses, which will help you to win more! But be very attentive while choosing online casino to play – there are a lot of rogue casinos, which make you to bet on money and do not pay out your winnings. And the ultimate way to play your favorite games is playing at mobile casinos. In fact, it is very similar to online gambling, but you may download software at any portable device you have! Choose the best way for yourself and have fun playing blackjack! Click here to learn more about the rules of blackjack and strategies for playing online.


Are you willing to understand the main objective of the Blackjack game? This article provides you with all the necessary info.

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The rules of land casinos blackjack and online blackjack are the same. Full review of main principles of playing this game of skill.

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In order to succeed in playing blackjack it is highly advised to know the basic blackjack strategy. Full info can be found here!

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Want to know how to increase your chances for winning? The helpful tips provided in this article make your online blackjack odds higher.

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blackjack jokes

Being a highly popular casino game, no weird there exist lots of funny jokes about blackjack.

Blackjack Jokes

Extra Content

  • Blackjack Books
    Blackjack Books

    Books on blackjack are in great demand. They provide readers with useful knowledge and reveals all the secrets of this complicated game.

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    Blackjack Movies

    Blackjack is played worldwide so no weird there are lots of movies where this game is presented. Watch, enjoy and learn!